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Re: Re[2]: Lunch in Alexandri...

On Sun, 12 Feb 1995, GreyGoose wrote:

> > Tadgh writes:
> > >     There has been a suggestion for having a get-together at L'Enfant 
> > >     Plaza. What do the folks for the downtown cluster think?
> > >     Tadhg
> > 
> Greetings from Baron Rorik Fredericsson

> Another possible place is the Old Post Office at 12th & Penn at the 
> Federal Triangle metro stop.  In gentle weather it is a 10 minute brisk
> stroll from the USDA building.  It has a food court.
>                                    Yours in service
>                                    Rorik 'GreyGoose'

This sounds better to me, since I work over by Union Station (Another 
possibility?). L'Enfant is a bit far unless I want to take a fairly LONG 
lunch... Anyway, here's another vote for Old Post Office.


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