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Kingdom Politics? I spit in their general direction.

Phooey ... wasn't gonna shoot off my mouth (er, keyboard?)

WARNING: <<lecture mode on>>
hit 'D' now if you don't want to hear it>>

I probably have as good a chance of getting wound up in politics, and political
chats, at events as any. It reduced my fun at first because I didn't want to
go out and talk SCA politics, I wanted to go out and do SCA stuff (play).

I dealt with it by doing the gracious lady thing. "My Lord, how does your
Lady wife?" Was I gentle about changing a subject? NOPE. Was I obnoxious about
it? NOPE. Just did it, firmly. The subject changed, or I excused myself. There
are times when a rousing political _discussion_ is fun, and I don't object to
being asked my opinion, but the middle of feast isn't an appropriate time. 

Kingdom politics are essential to keeping things going. Rulers must receive and
discuss information so they can, well, rule. Politics become nasty-politics
when folks stop addressing _situations_ and allow it to reach the personal
level. Politics like that gain a life of their own when other people give them
credibility by getting upset. When somebody is extra persistent about
nasty-politicking, say TO YOURSELF, "You are a weenie and I'm not", excuse
yourself, and go out and play. If you aren't happy with the way things are
being run, there will be a different backside on the throne in 6 months. Have
an idea that will help? Write to the seneschal, and Their Majesties, and the
next pair, and so on. Somebody being overlooked for an award? Again, write to
each reigning couple, and the head of whatever Order, regularly. If enough
folks do this, the desires of the populace will be made known. Most people are
overlooked for awards because these letters aren't being written, not because
of some secret vendetta. Ghost nasty-politics can be just as irritating as real
nasty-politics when people stop doing sanity checks every now and then. (Yeah,
it's a conspiracy, every King for the past 5 years didn't like me, and all
<<Laurels,Pelicans,Knights, whatever>> are joined in the plan to keep me out of
their order(s)) 

Done it? Been there? Somebody still being a dipstick? Write a song. It's
difficult to pose and posture when there is a rather good chance that those
around you are comparing your behavior to the words of a popular humorous
song... and you know it. (or 'songs' if awareness of the problem is widespread
enough and enough people have written songs) When I did this, I didn't mention
any names, just the situation. Could work and even if it doesn't get sung,
it'll give you a giggle and that alone will help.

In all, politics spoil as much fun as you let them. Nothing is forever and
nobody guides your SCA experience as much as YOU. 
<<lecture mode off>>

Aurora Astore', AoA, Chatelaine			Dawn C Skully
Incipient Shire of Roxbury Mill			Germantown, MD
Barony of Storvik, Atlantia			dskully@lando.hns.com
	    Gathering ideas for Children's and Teen's activities
	    	   (Hopefully Fun, Period and Affordable)