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>			     February 18
>	This Celtic celebration of winter has always been a time of 
>rest.  As Old Man Winter blows outside, no work can be done.  The people 
>sit around a blazing fire, exchanging tales of grandeur, singing songs of 
>legend, and working on small crafts to pass the time.  All strangers are 
>welcome to come in from the cold.  
>	The site of our revelry will be Philanthropic Hall at Davidson
>College in Davidson, NC.  Thesite will open at a leisurely 12 noon, and close
 at 12 midnight. 
 The revelry itself will consist of an open A&S competition (concentrating on 
>the above-mentioned small crafts, but nothing will be turned away).  
>There will also be a story-telling and poetry competition (also known as 
>bardic for the tone-deaf).  There will be a grand feast prepared by Lord Naj 
>of Fraxinus Abbey.  
>	The fee for this event will be a paltry $6 if you pre-register 
>before Febraury 15, $8 thereafter.  There will be a $3 surcharge for 
>non-members.  Children under 12 are admitted for half-price.  Please make 
>all cheques payable to the College of Caer Daibhidh, SCA Inc.  All 
>registrations should be mailed to the autocrat, Lord Adam Rhys Faren 
>(Marshall Smith) at P.O. Box 1034, Davidson, NC 28036.  Lord Adam may 
>also be contacted at (704) 377-8801 before 10pm or over e-mail at
>masmith@cybernetics.net. For Directions please contact the autocrat.

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