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RE: Re[2]: Fishing

Good answer. :)
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Gregory Stapleton
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Subject: Re[2]: Fishing
Date: Tuesday, February 14, 1995 8:31AM

     Brok, Henry.

     How about this...the class is open to anyone...the field trip will be
     restricted to whoever can show a valid Virginia fishing license.

     I'll bet the autocrat can find the bait shop nearest the University to
     set folks up. 8^)


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Subject: Re: Fishing
Author:  Gregory Stapleton <gregsta@microsoft.com> at smtpgate
Date:    2/13/95 5:19 PM

FYI:  Only one problem with this wonderful idea.  The Virginia Fish and
Wildlife officers.  If they catch a bunch of people fishing in the
James without licenses, they WILL give y'all tickets.  You'd need to
get a day license to be safe.  I know from personal experience, they
can show up in the durndest places.  The only safe alternative to this
would be a private pond on private land.
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Subject: Re: Fishing
Date: Saturday, February 11, 1995 5:12PM

Henry (or Brock...), I'm not sure if I mentioned this to you or not, but I'm
willing to
have people come out to my place to fish if they want--I live at the
confluence of the James and the Chickahommany, about 12 miles from the
University site.  You have to let me know before-hand, tho', as I share
a dock and need to let my neighbors know if a gaggle of scadians are
going to descend... (of course, anybody is welcome to stand on the
shore/set up camp whatever, I have my own beach, I just share the dock...)


On Sat, 11 Feb 1995, John Strauss wrote:

> Robyyan asks about Brock providing more info on period fishing....
> Brock is making noises about a fishing class at April University. Still
> on the drawing board, but maybe a morning 1 hour class followed by an
> afternoon field trip to a nearby lake or the James River. As I said,
> this is Henry gossiping, not Brock committing...
> -Henry
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