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Award Recommendations

Greetings from Richard Fitzgilbert,

I just wanted to chime in with a strong agreement with what Jack Helm 
(didn't find an SCA name?) wrote about award recommendations.

The way it really works:

The Crowns are reactive to award nominations, not proactive (except in a 
few cases).

Unless there is negative information, known to the crowns, AOA 
recommendations usually go right into the "to be awarded stack".  Really 
dilligent Crowns will try to run the names past a local Baron, Baroness, 
or seneschal.

Almost every King or Queen I've ever talked to would submit recommended
names to the kingdom polling orders for at least watch list 
consideration.  With more than one strong award recommendation the name 
is very likely to end up on a polling.  The Crowns almost always go with 
the reccomendations of the kingdom polling orders (Pearl, GD, Sea Stag).

Strong recommendations for being an all around substantial contributor 
can end up with Court Baronies.

Peerages are a little different.  Crowns will generally not give serious 
consideration for a peerage when a recommendation mentions someone who's 
name they've never heard.  They often pass the name to the analagous 
kingdom order, in this case.

However, peerage candidates who are already on watch lists, or are receiving 
serious consideration for pollings, can be "moved up" in the minds of the 
Crowns with strong recommendation letters.

This is an area where each individual can make a positive impact.  I try 
to write at least one recommendation letter each reign.  There have 
several conversations, I've been part of, where someone was asking why 
someone didn't have a particular award, but wasn't willing to write a letter.

It's the responsibility of the Crowns to recognize worthy subjects.  All 
of Atlantia's subjects can help the Crowns fulfill their duty by writing 
recommendation letters.