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Superstitions (was Re: Auditions yet again)

A discussion has started about the circumstances under which it is
considered bad luck to mention the Shakespeare play _M******_ by
name. My tuppence follow.

The tradition I grew up in is that it's bad luck for *anyone involved
in the production* to name the play *at any point of the production,*
from initial calls for cast/crew to strike. Thus Corun was correct
in calling it That Scottish Play (since he's involved) while Kendrick
incurs no bad luck by naming it M****** (since he isn't).

My own reaction would go a bit further, in that I would not name the
play within earshot of anyone who is involved with a current production
of it, for some appear to believe that it is bad luck to have the name
*mentioned to you* by someone who knows you're involved. (Thus the
judicious use of asterisks in this post.) It fits my personal definition
of courtesy, I guess. YMMV.

Evan da Collaureo, mundanely an alumnus of the Sinfonicron Opera Co. and
William & Mary Theatre (in the pit or behind the scenes, rarely on stage).
"If this be medieval art...."