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Tall Flames from Little Acorns Grow....

I said:

> Okay, okay. I didn't see the post Annie is responding to either.

NEXT time, I will say:

DISCLAIMER: As I am writing in reaction to a post which is in reaction
to a post which neither I nor the reactor of the second part ever actually
read, please disregard any comments or allegations which are not applicable.
The party of the first part intends to be a generally reasonable person;
but wishes to give public support for an overworked and underthanked friend.

Or some sort of babble to that effect.

Siobhan, Ellwood, please accept my apologies for any inconvenience I may
have caused you. I had hoped that by admitting up front that I had not
read whatever upset Annie, I would protect you from whatever unhappiness
I might inappropriately generate.

Oh, and Ellwood: I _never_ put anything vital near my monitor.....


"You can have my kill file when you pry it from my cold, dead fingers."

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