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RE: Tall Flames from Little Acorns Grow....

Greetings to the Dead Horse 8^), and especially to Henry Best!

Henry sez:
%I said:
%> Okay, okay. I didn't see the post Annie is responding to either.

My mind must have skipped over that too casually.  *I've* been sitting too
close to *my* monitor.  Then again, it's a HUGE monitor--it is a bit 
to escape from....  Apologies to you, Henry.

%NEXT time, I will say:
%DISCLAIMER: As I am writing in reaction to a post which is in reaction
%to a post which neither I nor the reactor of the second part ever actually
%read, please disregard any comments or allegations which are not 
%The party of the first part intends to be a generally reasonable person;
%but wishes to give public support for an overworked and underthanked 
%Or some sort of babble to that effect.

"Any society that requires disclaimers has too many lawyers"
     --  .sig found on the Rialto
     (apologies to author)

%Siobhan, Ellwood, please accept my apologies for any inconvenience I may
%have caused you. I had hoped that by admitting up front that I had not
%read whatever upset Annie, I would protect you from whatever unhappiness
%I might inappropriately generate.

Well, things really have gotten out of whack over some of what I thought 
innocuous comments.  I'd like to call out the fire department and hose down
all these embers before they turn into flames.  Sorting out how to speak
in email is a tricky business!

%Oh, and Ellwood: I _never_ put anything vital near my monitor.....

Henry, it was a JOKE!  I even pointed out the smiley to make sure....  I was 
curious how anyone would come to the conclusion that the Principality would
solve any perceived "problems" with the _Acorn_.

Apologies for wasted bandwith.
In service,