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Re: Forms of address

> Ianthe writes:
> >    Checking to see if the associated Count or lord is nearby is always a 
> >    good thing to remember when this mode is used.  If he is nearby, look 
> >    to see how heavily he is armed.  Especially if you wish to accompany 
> >    "Hiya..." with the traditional embrace.
> >    
> >    -Ianthe                                      kim.salazar@em.doe.gov
> >    [Hiya, Aelfgar! <wink>]
> And Aelfgar responds via Corun's account:
> Two options here -
>  1. Keep an eye on all possible exits at all times
>  2. Cultivate a certain boyish charm, such that all and sundry accept you as
>     "strange, but harmless..."

And Razmus tosses in his half-cent:
  3. And if problems occur, embrace him too!  It should confuse him
enough to make a get away. (*grin*  And everyone told me watching Bugs
Bunny was a waste of time!)

Razmus the Innocent