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Subliminal Henry

Truth is, Subliminal Henry, as a language, is a myth. My Deans think
that there is such a language simply because the alternative is that
I haven't given them any instructions. 

(Shhh) Don't tell the Deans; but I _haven't_ given them any instructions.

My Secret Ninja Agenda is this: Some of the Deans are doing deanstuff for
short-term laughs. Others are trying to decide if they want to try their
hand at running UA when I am done. I figure that, since _I_ don't have a
supervisor, neither should my Deans. Makes them crazy; but I want to see
who thrives without direction and I want to see if they think up coolstuff.

Tehair, for example, set up a class, last session, which I thought was 
stupidly conceived and inelegant, based on my Years of Experience<tm>.
I wisely left it alone so she could learn from her mistake. The class
was a raving success, by all accounts. The lesson I learned was to watch
Tehair closely and take notes, hoping to learn new tricks from her.

I set up maybe a fifth of the classes, this time. The Deans did the rest.
I think that this is one of the best class lineups we've ever had. I 
firmly believe that, had I told them what to do, they would have done a 
poorer job, being reduced to little henryclones. Instead, they did what they
pleased, and exceeded what I could do in both quantity and quality.

Gosh, you know? I am really looking forward to this session. 's gonna be

-Henry, Who Finally Has the Catalog Off His Back

--------- John Strauss     gc429@cleveland.freenet.edu ---------
University Atlantia #38 is April 8th at Rencester on the William
and Mary Campus. The Catalog was mailed March 24. I _still_ need
bids for UA39, July 1st. Henry Best, UA Chancellor