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Re[4]: three-month-olds

    Alianora ponders a possible post-Henry/English Dictionary literary

As for a Luther-English dictionary, it seems a much easier undertaking than
writing the definitive guide to Subliminal Henry, but it does come in liner
after the Henry-English projects ... don't sit up nights waiting for it,
Kendrick  :).

--Alianora (who might have recovered from comps by now if Investiture hadn't
followed so quickly after them ....)

    To Alianora, from Ianthe, wordy greetings!

    I agree with you that there is more than ample work available
    under the Henry Project; and that by the time we get around to
    codifying Lutherisms we'll both be old and grey.

    Still, it would be an interesting side effort to make his meanings
    more exact. I've always associated the phrase "nailing
    up" with Luther. "Nailing down" in combination with that name is a
    novel idea.

    -Ianthe                        kim.salazar@em.doe.gov