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Re: From Lady Stephania Herring about Crown Tourney

Lady Stephania, thank you for your additions:

> Many thanks to Leifr Johansson for the report about Crown Tournament.  I am
> Lady Stephania, and I was the troll for the event.  I would like to correct
> one minor error in milord Leifr's description.  The "stained glass" panels to
> which he referred in the Heraldry contest were indeed done by a Brigit.
> Unfortunately, it is a case of mistaken Brigits.  The "stained glass" Brigit
> is Brigit Kelly MacLean, recent autocrat of the Spring Thaw/Bed Tourney event.
>  Her Highness  Brigit did enter the A&S competition with a gorgeous hearldry
> display-an 80 foot long painted wall.  Both entries were FABULOUS, and I am
> sure we will see them at events in the future. 

Sorry about that mistake.  When they said in court, Heraldic Wall, I 
assumed that meant the glass panels, as I did not see her Highnesses work 
on display.

> And as no mention was made of
> the Court held==Her Majesty was as lovely and gracious as ever, giving out 2
> Urchins, 2 AoA's, a Queen's Award of Courtesy, and accepting homage and fealty
> from Baroness Rachel, the new Baroness of Sacred Stone, and a payment of taxes
> in the form of 59 dozen chocolate chip cookies (later shared with the
> populous) from Baroness Ceridwen of Windmaster's Hill.  Her Majesty, it should
> be noted, was regal and demure despite being on crutches from foot surgery.

I'm not sure, but I think it was at least 3 Sea Urchins.  Her Majesty 
also made one companion of the Golden Dolphin.

And I agree it would be nice if Lady Isebella posted the full listing of 
the contestants and their consorts from Crown.  At least then I could 
figure out who some of them were.

In Service
Leifr Johansson