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Re: Use of honorifics

Tirloch writes,

>>>I am not aware that Atlantian tradition has changed to use this title. In
>>>the University classes taught over the past few years, great pains have
>>>taken to educate the populace that the "H.L." is not part of the Atlantian

>>>If we have changed our traditions, it would be a good thing to tell people
>>>that the honored traditions of our kingdom have changed.

I don't think that traditions are something that one "decides" to change...I
think that they evolve over time.  Personally, I *like* the use of "THL" so
and so in referring to someone w/ a GoA.  It acknowledges that this
individual has been awarded something special...  of course it is often used

(putting miss manners white gloves on....)

The title "The Honorable Lord/Lady Soandso" is only used in print or
(sometimes)when referring to someone but not as a form of address...  i.e
"Lady soandso, let me help you with that" not "honorable lady soandso, let me
help you with that."  "Can you give that to Lord soandso" not "Can you give
that to THL soandso"  

Clear as mud right?  Of course, since I'm originally Meridian, my bias may be
showing... :D