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Re: Hope for Wed. Night Fight Practice?

	Well, guys and girls, this is Genevieve du Renard, the 
illustrious Herald of the GMU group.  We do have the regular site for 
Fight Practice tonight , Wed the 17th, at the GMU aux. gym on campus.  
As I understand it, the practice is currently scheduled for Pimmets up in 
Tyson's, but it's kinda wet and rainy and muddy, so an indoor site would 
probably be appreciated by all, yes?  So get back to me, my phone number 
is 239-2745.  Please pass the word around, so we don't have anybody 
stranded anywhere, looking for the fighting.
	On the same note, but in a different key, how does everybody feel 
about practice on Saturday's?  Apparently the Field House is free from 
seven am to ten pm, and if it's not too inconvenient, we could set up a 
practice site there.  The gym is NOT open during the summer at all.  I'm 
not on the Merry Rose, so either email me at tellerbe@osf1.gmu.edu, or 
just tell Karen - between the two of us, we can work it out!

Yours in service,
Genevieve du Renard