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Re: Crown Tourney

Greetings from Ellwood!

Scripsit Klaus:

%On the other hand, I was a Winter King. Being Pennsic Prince can be LOTS
%of work depending on who is King. My predecessor was Tsuneo. His
%interest/skill was in single combat. He had little of either in group
%command. Therefore, I ended up doing the army organizational work of the
%King. I burned myself out horribly. (Cyffaith got to perform the "job"
%that Dafydd describes as the "Prince's" job. She had a WONDERFUL time!)

%I also got to do 2 12th Nights and one Sea War as King. Being
%inexperienced, I worked harder than I needed to. I burned myself out

%So there are opportunities to overwork oneself regardless of which
%season you pick for your reign.

If the burdens of being King/Prince are so great, why does anyone try
to become King?  For the title?  For the prestige?  For the money?
For the _perceived_ power?  Obviously, there must be some attraction
to the position, otherwise people wouldn't enter Crown Tourney....

(Inquiring minds want to know!)