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Re: Use of honorifics

        Reply to:   RE>> Use of honorifics

Outlands' Walker of the Way does indeed mean  basically keeper of 
the dream and originated with Atenveldt. Ansteorra has the Lion of 
Ansteorra, which is sort of the same, but more especially for High 
Persona. Don't know about the other Atenspawn.

As for the earlier comment about the Honourables...I heard it a LOT
in my days in Atlantia, applied to CBs w/grants (esp. former baron/esses
of Black Diamond.) They were always titled (f.i.) "The Honourable
BaronDirik." I do not remember any The Honourable Lady/Lord
so-and-sos, tho'. Perhaps we tended to use the Honourable part
in Black Diamond in order to prevent confusion with the
Actual Baron/ess... (?) Or as a mark of respect... (?)

branwynn ottersby
Honourable Baroness