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Re[2]: Use of honorifics

Unto the good gentles of atlantia-l, greetings from Herveus, Triton!

I have noted the discussion concerning the addressing and styling of
those gentles bearing arms by grant.

It is not now nor has it ever been the custom in Atlantia to style such
gentles as The Honorable Lord... or Their Lordship... True, this custom
is practiced in other kingdoms, but not here.

Why is this the case?

Our distinction of arms borne by Award, Grant, or Patent, is not based
on any period model, but rather is an anachronism that survives from the
early days of our society. Since there is no period basis for the
distinction, there is no period model for different forms of address for
these degrees of rank. Further, the particular style adopted in some
places is not a period form of address, according to my sources.

It is therefore meaningless, in the context of medieval recreation, to
distinguish between bearers of arms by Award vs. Grant in the way we
style and address them. Since it is not an established custom, why
should we diminish the quality of our recreation by adopting non-period

I would welcome serious research into period practice in the areas of
style and address for people of various rank and degree in various
cultures we partake of.

yours in service,
speaking ex cathedra,
Herveus, Triton