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Re: This good gentle needs help

     Got it. He has the name/phone of the local seneschal.
     (where else would someone in Calontir see something in Atlantia and be 
     able to provide information about the Middle? :)

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Subject: This good gentle needs help
Author:  <sca.connor@vt.edu> at CCGTWINT
Date:    5/18/95 12:20 PM

>Rob Frazier  <scurr@dialin.ind.net> wrote: 
>>  Were can I find information about SCA.  I am interested in finding others 
>>to practice my sword skills with.
<Snipped some of the random talk we discussed>
I told him of the newsgroup rec.org.sca but alas
>  I have much of the newsgroups restricted from me on my server.  Plus I'm 
>not quite sure how to find Rec.org.sca.  I'm still pretty new on the 
>computer scene as well as the sword scene.  I live in Northern Indiana 
>closeto South Bend.
If you could send some information about his local group that would be 
great...either to me or to him directly...I thank you in advance...
>Rob Frazier <scurr@dialin.ind.net> 
Troy Herring.........Connor Levingstoune..........Podo's friend and feeder 
Student at VT........canton's Knight Marshall.....Friend of Furry Ferrets
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