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finance question

I have always disagreed with the "travel funds". I believe it to be the
responsibility of the Crowns to finance their own travel. If "out of kingdom"
travel is neccessary to the benefit of the Kingdom as a whole the Kingdom has
proven several times in the past to be perfectly willing to come up with
extra funds to pay for the travel but as a rule this "travel fund" business
is just a drain on the Kingdom when the Kingdom can't afford it. Before a
person fights in Crown he/she assumes that there will be burdens and finance
is one of them. If this creates an "only the finacially capable can reign
then so be it. If one cannot afford to fulfil the responsibilities of their
reign then 
they should not participate in Crown. As Earl Knarlic said , the expenses
incurred during a reign are somewhat tax deductable, this along with the
satisfaction of having the priveledge to reign has always been what many of
us have enjoyed.
I say "away with the travel funds completely". As for the "gifts allotment",
totally absurd. There are so many skilled Artisans and craft persons in this
Kingdom who would jump at the chance to supply gifts and prizes if only they
were asked or even charged.

Duke Olaf