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Re: finance question

His Grace Duke Olaf said:

> I say "away with the travel funds completely". 

   I wouldn't eliminate it entirely, but I would separate kingdom
travel funds from other kingdom funds.  The $4 contribution for the
travel fund that comes with the gold fighter's card is, in my opinion
money well spent.  I don't mind tossing a few dollars towards a fund
that might allow the royals to visit just one or two extra events a
year... even if I DO make a habit of staying out of the way.  Its no
fun for this poor peasant to dodge "tin hats" if there aren't any tin
hats about to dodge.  ;-)
   On a practical level, I have heard rumors of contributions that
would have been made to the kingdom, except the contributors didn't
want the money to be used for Royal travel...  I don't know how
widespread the feeling is... and I'm staying out of it.

> As for the "gifts allotment",
> totally absurd. There are so many skilled Artisans and craft persons in this
> Kingdom who would jump at the chance to supply gifts and prizes if only they
> were asked or even charged.

  I don't know how it is handled now, but if the artisans aren't
reimbursed for materials currently, perhaps that would be the best
policy.  (And I would include scrolls in that.  Again, I don't know
what is currently done, but I do remember grumblings on the Rialto a
few months ago.)  Don't bankrupt the artisans for thier generosity -
unless they specifically want to donate the materials too...
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