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Assessment---The Announcement

Greetings unto you, those who partake in the Merry Rose...

I was unsure if this has already been submitted to the list...but you can 
never be to sure and the more advertised the better...Due to my being 
placed on the lost sheep list I failed to receive the latest Acorn as of 
yet I do however believe that you can find the same announcement in there 
as well. Any sidenotes from me will be in <> and most of the Typos are mine

                            Black Diamond
                            23-25 June 95

   The Barony of Black Diamond invites all of Atlantia to come to their 
Royal Majesties' Assessment.  The Pennsic Wars are drawing near and all--- 
Whether artisan, fighter, bard, and others--- are asked to come in order 
that Atlantia's strength in all areas may be known and a small sampling of 
Pennsic may occur.

  The site is Lake Nelson Campground, site of last year's Assessment.  This 
is a tenting event, with showers and toilets, and a pond for swimming.  
Lake Nelson Campground will open at 5:00 on Friday and will close at noon 
on Sunday.  

   The heavy fighting at His Majesty's request will be a war practice 
similar to that held at last years Assessment.  There will be a duello as 
well and exact format will be decided by the time you read this. 
<If any questions contact me and I will contact you>

  There will be several A&S categories with Pennsic rules as the effective 
guidelinesfor judging and documentation.   The A&S categories (which 
consist of Pennsic categories lumped together): Calligraphy & Cartography 
&Illumination; Weaving & Knitting & Dyeing & Spinning & Crocheting; 
Embroidery & Costume & Accessories; Leatherworking & Metalworking & Armour 
& Weapons; Poetry; Misc.  These categories may be subdivided or joined 
with another (misc) depending on the number of entries in each.
<Damian would be better suited to answer questions pertaining to A&S>
   The feast will be a 3 remove feast cooked my Lord Morien Gwyn Bran 
(Rick Herndon). The feast will be extremely varied and vegetarians will be 
happy  with the feast served.  All dietary concerns should be addressed to 
the feastocrat. 
<I will acquire his Alex Bell invention Number for those who require it>

   European dancing will again take place in the feast hall after feast, 
and I am sure bardic storytelling and middle eastern dancing will also 
take place again.  All bards are welcome and those willing to volunteer 
their services will be greatly appreciated.

   So, at last we come to prices:
   $7.00 site fee before June 9th
   $9.00 after June 9th and "At the door"
   $5.00 feast fee at any time...200 spots are available.
   There will be family discounts and children under 7 will not be charged.
<Contact me for further questions about prices...The 3.00 surcharge will be 
handled at the troll via a "surcharge bucket">

   All reservations must be 
paid in advance and should be sent to Lady Sorcha de Glys (Shannon Giles) 
 at: 802 Meadow Drive # 8; Blacksburg VA 24060

The Head <sucker> Autocrat is Damian Wolward (Justin McCune) and may be 
reached at (703) 768-4323.  6905 Lamp Post Lane; Alexandria Va <insert Zip 
Code here>

The Deputy <sucker> Autocrat is : Connor Levingstoune (Troy Herring) at 
(703) 552-8391   1300 Univ City Blvd. #2310; Blacksburg VA 24060
or Email at sca.connor@vt.edu

   Directions: Lake Nelson Campground is located at Arrington, VA between 
Charlottesville and Lynchburg off of RT 29.  Thus make your way to RT 29 at 
Colleen and turn East on Rt 655 to Rt 812, Turn Left and straight ahead to 
the campground and lake.  There WILL be signs posted the entire way for 
Lake Nelson Campground.

<For further information Give me a ring or Email...>

Troy Herring..........Connor Levingstoune..........Friend to Furry Ferrets 
Student at VT.........Knight Marshall to canton....Wonderferret's owner