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Re: finance question

I find myself in agreement with Duke Olaf.

I remind everyone that, during Cuan and Aria's reign, Their Majesties
asked each barony to provide goodies to be used as gifts for visiting
dignitaries. Those that were inclined did just that. The Shire of 
Isenfir produced some nifty pieces, a peacock feather fan, a carved
box, some embroidery, I don't recall what else. At the end of the
reign, I received a thank you note addressed to Isenfir, detailing
what was done with each piece, which I read to the group.

The Isenfiri that participated in that were delighted to do it. They
made a presentation to TRMs at court and were proud as could be. When
I later read that thank you note, I saw ear-to-ear grins on the part of 
the artisans involved. All it cost C&A and the kingdom was 3 minutes
of court time, one card, one envelope. Hard to imagine what those items
would have cost if bought, if you could find and buy them.

I hope Cuan and Brigit repeat that trick. It works. It makes artisans
happy and further creates a sort of kula chain with other kingdoms as
we give each other various spifola. Make a point of leaving the gift
fund untouched. Then write it out of kingdom law.

-Henry Best