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Re: Braveheart

Greetings from Tibor.

Eogan asks
  was Ed II really gay?

>From "The History of England" by Jasper Ridley (1981), page 95:
  "The new king was Edward's twenty-three-year-old son, the prince of Wales,
  who became King Edward II. He led the army into Scotland as far as Dumfries,
  but then abandoned the campaign against Bruce. He had for some years been
  despised by his father and the nobles as a weak and pleasure-loving
  homosexual who was much too friendly with a young Gascon gentlman, Piers
  Gaveston. Apart from his other vices, the nobles were particularly shocked
  by the fact that he took part, with Gaveston and other favourites, in
  amateur theatricals, which they thought was very improper for a king. He
  married the king of France's daughter Isabel, a strong, passionate woman,
  to whom he had been betrothed in his father's lifetime. She found him most
  unsatisfactory as a husband, although he fathered her four children.

  [History of Edward II's life deleted, picking up on page 98]

  [...] Later in the year he was murdered in Berkeley Castle in
  Gloucestershire; if tradition is correct, he was killed in a horrible manner
  in mockery of his homosexuality. [...]"