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Re[4]: Braveheart [SPOILERS]

     Just out of curiosity, do you have any documentation for a sexual 
     relationship between Richard of England and Philip of France, *other* 
     than "The Lion in Winter?"

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Subject: Re: Re[2]: Braveheart [SPOILERS]
Author:  "Brett W. McCoy" <bmccoy@CapAccess.org> at INTERNET
Date:    6/2/95 7:56 PM

On Fri, 2 Jun 1995 Victoria_Martin@FCW.COM wrote:
> Well, I was in the Plantagenet class at last university, and the instuctor 
> (forgive me I have forgotten his name) told us he WAS. Richard I too. I wonder
> how many others??  :)
I belive Philip Augustus of France was gay as well, and actually had a 
fling with ol' Richard the Lionheart.
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