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Re: Re[2]: Viking Polearms (Halbards)

Ianthe  wrote in an attemp to divert her intrest in Hal Hams:

>    I seem to dimly recall a magical halberd belonging to Njall (in Njall's 
>    saga).  I believe it sounded a clear bell-like tone whenever its bearer 
>    was in danger.

In the same saga, the mighty warrior Gunnar used one in the defense of 
his house. Slaying the first of a group of warrior attempting to take him 
in his sleep.  I have not seen any reference to actual halberds in any 
article on viking weapons.  Could this have been a translation error in 
the saga? ( I beleive that halberds have been used by the english army as 
a badge of rank.  Could the translater have subsituted "Halberd" for some 
simple other word for two handed axe?  The warrior slain by Gunnar, 
suffered from a belly cut receive wheh he openned the door to look inside 
the house to see if Gunnar was at home.  ( he of course died of his 
wounds after informing his companions " I don't know if Gunnar is at 
home, But his beak is". ( a foot note stated the beak was an idiom for a 

If any one has any information on whether of not Vikings actually had 
Halberds I would also like to know.

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