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Re: I'll probably get maimed for this....


In a message dated 95-07-12 14:02:45 EDT, lharrop@mrj.com (Lance Harrop)

>I really don't have a problem with Henry IV and Henry V.  Not bad guys, 
>compared to Richard II.  Henry VI was a total waste of time, bad French 
>blood, you know.  And don't get me started on the Tudors, a bunch of 
>Royal Blood sucking leeches, the whole lot.  Between them, they 
>slaughtered more peers and nobles then the whole War of the Roses.  Henry 
>of Richmond even killed Richard III's bastard son John of Glochester 
>because John had a better claim to the throne then that French-imposed 
>regicide of a Welsh Bastard Earl.

And to think the earlier royals thought we weren't good enough to control the
Holy City!!
aSalaam alai Kum "infidels"!! Hehe.