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Re: Another Pennsic question

At 10:29 AM 17.07.95, Victoria_Martin@FCW.COM wrote:

>Since more than one person warned me about casting shadows of naughty behavior
>from inside my tent, I must ask -- WHERE did I get such a reputation? Has
>someone in the Army been talking? Or the Navy? ;)

Nah, it's just a standard failure mode of Scadian camping (according to the
tales, anyway).

>I am mightily impressed with myself if I have projected my personality so well
>over the 'net. I thought I might escape my reputation in the confines of the
>Society, but I guess you can't run from your nature!  :)

<blink> Go to the SCA to escape a reputation as a flirt? That's like going
to a bloodhound convention to escape a reputation as someone who carries
meat in their pockets--if it's true, it'll be noticed.  :-)

>Flirtily yours,
>(Happily in a relationship, but always a tease)

>From Nancy Lebovitz's Button Catalog
(http://www.io.com/~francis/buttons.html; this one is

"I'm not a tease--teases make promises they don't keep. I'm a flirt--I make
no promises at all!"


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