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Re: Merry Rose Party at Pennsic

     Greetings all from Deoca,
     Yes, I am *trying* to plan a Merry Rose gathering for Pennsic. I have 
     permission to hold it at the Windmaster's Hill encampment. What I'm 
     having trouble with is a date. It appears that our Monarchs have not 
     set a firm date for Royal Court. I am still trying to track this down. 
     If I can't get a confirmation on that, I'm gonna be stuck with, yuk, 
     Monday :-0
     If Royal Court is on Wednesday, which is traditional, I'll be able to 
     invite everyone over on Friday evening.
     Windmaster's Hill is a busy place and my household is also keeping me 
     busy. If someone else can achieve this gathering at a more opportune 
     time, let us know. I hope to let you know later this week if we can 
     have it on Friday or not. I'm not sure that Monday is even worth the 
     effort. How many of you will be there on Monday?
     Thank you all for your patience. I'll be back in touch as soon as I 
     can present a definite answer.
     Deoca Yarntangler of Elvegast