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Excited about Pennsic.....

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Me again!

I just wanted to thank everyone who gave me advice about clothing, lighting, 
merchanting, etc. for Pennsic! I haven't been able to attend many events since 
my introduction to the Society last year, so I am really excited about my first 
War! Any last minute advice for a newbie?


I will be a blanket merchant under the business name Portraits by Elayne. I'll 
be doing charcoal drawings. Please come and visit me so I can put faces to the 
frendly names at the Merry Rose, even if you don't want a drawing. I might even 
sing "Hal's Ankles" if you ask nicely...  ;)

So, can anyone give me advice about how to make a bliaut?

Elayne (trying to finish a couple more outfits by next Thursday!)