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Re[2]: Really weird timing of posts

     I think we're seeing the effects of a new phenomenon, an electronic 
     fad. The internet has suddenly become the "place to be". Traffic is 
     tremendous, much more so than even last year at this time (school 
     starting back has had an effect). I think it's just the fact that the 
     traffic very much exceeds the capacity of the machines trying to 
     handle it. I don't expect it to get better any time soon and I've 
     warned the users I support not to rely on email for time sensitive 
     stuff anymore.
     Patience is a virtue :-)
     Deoca of Elvegast

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Subject: Re: Really weird timing of posts
Author:  "Brett W. McCoy" <bmccoy@CapAccess.org> at env.duke.edu
Date:    10/11/95 11:04 PM

On Thu, 5 Oct 1995 Shepherdss@aol.com wrote:
> Is anyone else having trouble with posts to Atlantia-l?  I posted something 
> on Monday concerning the Shire meeting on Tuesday.  I've gotten 2 responses
> from people who didn't see it 'til Wednesday. It's Thursday *now* and I still 
> haven't seen the original post......
I've noticed that it's taking nearly 4 days for messages to get out from 
the time I send them.  Wonder what's up?  Used to take 5 minutes for me 
to see my messages get propagated back.
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