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Re: Really weird timing of posts


Landi is right.  One of the very odd things about the 'Net is that
about a third of the domestic traffic and most European traffic goes through
the Washington D.C. Area.  Given the recent explosions in new access, the
proliferation of web browsers, and the surging demands of the Clinton
Administration for E-mail, the providers are struggling to keep up with
demand.  PSInet posted a huge loss for the last quarter, a lot of that was
due to capital expenditures in the face of rapidly falling margins and 

A new slogan for the NSA and FBI: Its not 1984, we just running behind.

Sorry to go so far indepth on an off topic point, but that's the way it is.


Richard of La Rochelle
Pontoon/Argent Puke

From: owner-atlantia-l
To: Shepherdss
Cc: atlantia-l mailing list
Subject: Re: Really weird timing of posts
Date: Monday, October 09, 1995 8:46AM

> Is anyone else having trouble with posts to Atlantia-l?  I posted 
> on Monday concerning the Shire meeting on Tuesday.  I've gotten 2 
> from people who didn't see it 'til Wednesday. It's Thursday *now* and I
> haven't seen the original post......
> Very confused...
> Anne Elizabeth
   Well, you mailed this on Thursday afternoon and it reached my mailbox
at 07:50 on Sunday.  I think the whole network is getting bogged down --
I've seen the same thing on the Rialto.  I'll read replies for a week,
then the origional message will arrive, sometimes expiring from my
newsreader before I can read it!
   For whatever it's worth...