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Re: Re[2]: Really weird timing of posts (technogeekery)

On Sun, 15 Oct 1995, francis@tigana.microserve.com (John [Francis] Stracke) 
>At 10:40 AM 12.10.95, Granger, Jenny wrote:
>>     I think it's just the fact that the
>>     traffic very much exceeds the capacity of the machines trying to
>>     handle it. I don't expect it to get better any time soon and I've
>>     warned the users I support not to rely on email for time sensitive
>>     stuff anymore.
>Note that the bottleneck is *not* at MAE East (the big connection point in
>DC, which carries a huge fraction of the Net's traffic)--I get no packet
>loss at all until I hit MCI.   By way of comparison, my home machine is
>connected through Sprint; traffic from the machine where I'm running these
>tests reaches me via MAE East; and I get about 3% loss.

Wow! what neat technogeeky stuff! Where does one learn it? In any case, it 
appears to me that we need to add a couple of lanes to the Info-Superhighway 
<g>! As for me, I've been using the CompuServe/Spry route.

OOPS!! Time to get back into persona!

Ach Himmel! Jawohl! Ist Wunderbar! (8^)>

Reinhard von Stettin,
Knight Marshal of the College of Yarnvid,
Squire to His Grace, the Duke Sir Bertrand de Flammepoing