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Bread from University

Unto all does Bryn y Pobydd send greetings.  If you attended University 
this past December in Windmaster's Hill, you might have noticed (or even 
attended) a bread-baking class.  I was asked repeatedly to post bread 
instructions, recipes, and other musings on bread on the Atlantia list 
and various other places.  Instead, I have chosen to create a multitude 
of web pages with basic bread recipes, sourdough instructions, and 
musings on bread.  My account is http://www.unc.edu/~watkins/ and the 
bread pages are leading right off of it.  Enjoy, comment, criticise, give 
suggestions and recipe requests, and I will be happy to hear what you 
have to say.  If you do not have web access, send me reply mail and I 
will send you copies of the .html documents, they're mostly text anyway, 
and fairly easy to read.  
May everyone rejoice in breadliness :)
http://www.unc.edu/~watkins/    READ MY RESUME!
I'm looking for employment. I'll do anything geographic or cartographic.