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Heraldic Submissions Address Change

Unto the good gentles of the Merry Rose does Lord Aodhan Doilfin,
Golden Dolphin Herald, send health and greeting:

I am in the process of moving so I have set up a post office box
to ensure we experience no disruption in receiving submissions. 
The new address is:

   R. Mark Jones
   PO Box 19238
   Alexandria, Virginia 22320-0238

This address will remain effective during my tenure as Golden
Dolphin Herald. Please address all future submissions and 
correspondence to the post office box.


            Practice safe government - use a kingdom.

                             R. Mark Jones
1201 South Courthouse Road . Apartment 726 . Arlington, Virginia 22204
rmark@access.digex.net (Internet)                 Aodhan Doilfin (SCA)