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Leather apron source (& military goods)

I picked this up as a useful tip!!


Hello. I just received a catalog from the BW Trading Company (a military
surplus wholesaler) and saw an item (pg 29) for "leather welders
Description is "Made of very heavy leather which has been tanned into a
soft flexible hide. The leather is almost 1/8" thick. These would cost big
money if made today. At our price reenactors could cut it up for leather, it
measures about 22"W x 34"L.... Unused, excellent." The price is $11.50
(shipping weight is 1.5 pounds). Stock no. 3024. I remember several
postings about using heavy leather for creating parts of costumes and
this sounds like a good price, especially considering what little leather
skins go for at my local fabric store! They only accept money order or
check, but their service has always been good. 

You can call (614) 344-2772 and request catalog #102 (winter 1996).
9am-5pm EST. Their address is: BW Trading Co., Box 692, Newark, Ohio

They also have several listings for different weights of khaki, olive drab
and natural cotton canvas and twill yardage, some with waterproofing.
They also have WWII goods and reproductions of WWI and WWII
helmets, etc, including Germany. Also Soviet and East German military
goods: medals, books, shoulder boards, buttons, collar tabs, emblems,
ribbons, coats, uniforms, hats, hat emblems, belts, netting, the list is
almost endless. And the prices are pretty reasonable, varying from one
item to wholesale quantities of 100 or 1,000.

To those interested in the leather aprons, if you can't wait, I can fax you
page 29 with the apron entry, the shipping table and the order blank.

Pam Tobey tobeypam@washpost.com

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