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Re: medieval unmentionables

At 01:09 PM 1/23/96 -0500, Matthew Allen Newsome wrote:
>Seriously, it's "help Eogan with his homework time" here at the Merry 
>Rose.  I'm doing a (breif) anthropology paper, and one of my options for 
>topics is Medieval Undies.  Before I commit myself to it, though, I 
>wanted to scope out just how much information was out there.  Our school 
>library had one great source, _The_History_of_Underclothes_, by C. 
>Willett and Phillis Cunnington.  Does anyone know of other sources 
>available, or know anything about period underwear they could share?  Any 
>help would be appreciated.  Thanks

For a brief (heh) discussion of underclothes in Islamic dress, check out
Cariadoc's Miscellany, "Notes on Islamic Clothing," which can be found at
Gregory Blount's web site:
You may want to find a paper copy, though, since the above version doesn't
have the illustration that went with the article.
Duncan MacKinnon
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