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re: Communications Decency Act (CDA) and the SCA

On Mon, 12 Feb 1996, LTjg, USN 3-8401 ext 167 Bldg 8 Rm 207 wrote:

> Greetings from Ian,
> 	I know that Ioseph gave me permission to distribute his songbooks
> to people in the SCA for free up till the CDA was passed.  Then I am no
> longer able to electronically transfer any of them that have the fun
> stuff in them :-)   Personnally I hate the idea that someone has the
> right to tell me that I cannot send these to friends over the internet
> (referring to the CDA not Ioseph).

Are the songs indecent or obscene? Unless I missed something significant 
in the CDA, it's perfectly legal to distribute indecent material over the 
'net so long as the recipient is at least 18 and the stuff isn't being 
sent with intent to abuse, harass, etc.

Just an observation.

-Jennie, who (is occaisionally Cerdd, and) doesn't see the CDA as being 
something that's really enforcable, ie. but, officer, she typed like she 
was 18 

not to mention that I don't see the majority of it no being ruled 
unconstitutional does it ever get to a court of law