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Re: Communications Decency Act (off topic - kind of)

Lady Anarra writes that discussing non-Christian religions could be 
considered Indecent.

Heck, that's nothing.  A full blown discussion of the Inquisition could 
easily be considered indecent.  The Albigenssian (sp) Crusade?  The 
Teutonic Knights crusades against the Prussians, Balts, and Russians?

Or even a good airing of the Papacy and College of Cardinals as they were 
during the Middle Ages would make a number of people upset.  Truth about 
religious institutions can have that affect.

Or, as a friend of mine likes to discribe one religion from before our 
period:  "They met in graveyards, they worshiped a execution chair, and 
they practiced canibalism".

It is all a matter of how you look at things.

Leifr Johansson