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FYI: Someone's Looking for Sigurd & Aelfwin

Good Greeting, gentle cousins, as Spring begins to waft her lovely warmth and 
flowers over fair Atlantia!

I did find this note on the Rialto this morn, and bethought me to place it 
here.  No matter what the lag time, still these gentles referred to below 
might be pleased to be reunited ....  :-)

If anyone knows the lord and lady in question, please pass this along.


------ Forwarded Message
Greetings to the Fishers of the Rialto.  I am trying to locate some
friends who moved to Atlantia a couple years ago.  Known scadianly as
Aelfwin and Sigurd (mka Scott and Michelle McDaniels) they reside
somewhere around DC.  I'm going to be spending a couple weeks there at
the end of May and would like to pop by for a visit.

If anyone knows the gentles in question, please let me know soon.  They
can reach me most reliable at one of the email addresses below.

Thanks in advance.

Karyn Palmer
WARNING: Excessive study can cause severe dain bramage.

------ End of Forwarded Message