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Re: Duty(ies) of the Crown

I've been reading this thread, and as someone who *does* come from that 
kingdom where the king has "You Rule Because They Believe" on the inside 
of his crown, I'm kinda confused.

You mean y'alls just want a king that will hand out awards?  Jeepers, 
guys, you want prompt awards, join the Scouts.  I was a Girl Scout for 
TWELVE YEARS.  And trust me, the awards system is easy -- just complete 
the following requirements, and you have a brand new spangly to put on 
your uniform.  BARF.

Lord Henry Best and I were discussing the role of the king a few weeks 
ago at fight practice.  I'm still kind of wierded out that the majority 
of Merry Rosies are saying that the duty of the king is to hand out the 
cookies on time.

Back in Caid, the king was THE KING.  I joined the SCA when Tim was 
still king there.  You knew he was THE KING because everyone around him 
believed he was THE KING.  Out here, from what I hear on this board and 
elsewhere, the king is just some stick jock who won a crown tourney and 
is in temporary possession of a pointy hat.

Sure, the way of doing things in Caid was a little bit of a head game.  
You believe that he is THE KING, and he becomes THE KING.  It's a lot 
like looking at a twit in a tee-tunic and not thinking he's a guy who 
spends forty hours a week looking at a computer monitor, but that he's a 
member of the lesser nobility of Bavaria or whatsomever.

If you believe that a king is nothing more than the scoutleader who makes 
sure you get your juice and cookies on time, fine, your loss.  But to me, 
the duty of the king is to behave in a manner that allows the populace to 
believe that he is THE KING.

Hoping that I have not offended everyone *too* much,

Karen Larsdatter med det Usigelige Efternavn fra Skyggedal
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