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Re: Royal Class

Greetings to all gathered about the stalls of Cheapside and
those clustered inside the unnatural dark of the Merry Rose ;^)
from Branwynn Ottersby!

I've been following this thread with more than a little contemplation,
and I have finally come to the conclusion that even if such a
class were offered, I would never attend, despite my earnest
desire to someday reign by my own or by my lord's hand.

An entire track of courses like this one would not be a "royal"
track by any means; it would be a "no Scheisse" track -- I
could also see included "What it's like to fight at Pennsic,"
"What it's like to be a Pelican," "What it's like to enter an
A&S competition for the first time (from the entrant's point
of view, natch), " "What it's like to be a waterbearer" ...
you get the idea.

"What it's like" tales are best told around the fire, in your
living room, blah, blah, where you know before you begin exactly
who your audience is gonna be and where they have the option
of interrupting and one-upping you without stigma. :^)

Even if the class was taught as "How to be a Sovereign like Me (as
taught by Duke/Duchess/Earl Thumbwrack," so that it was clear it
was one person's opinion of actual constructive method, I'm not 
certain that I would go there either.

Now, I'm not saying that I have the hubris to think that I know
all about being Sovereign, but I do have my own ideas. And what
I don't think I have a clue about, I will go to the people whose reigns
I have admired for advice. And even if one of them is Duke/Duchess/
Earl Thumbwrack, it's likely that s/he would not include the really
controversial and juicy bits of the reign from which I seek to 
learn the most in front of a class full of strangers (but they
just might be willing to teach me how to handle in the privacy of
their living rooms).

(I'm also not saying that I don't have any hubris at all... ;^)

branwynn ottersby
"Hubris-free in 2003!" (heh :^)
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