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MERRYROSE: The Song I Couldn't Find Before

>>Hey Michael!  Get up here by the fire!  Miriam's been asking for a song,
>>should we give her one we rehearsed at Emerald?  How about "Lament for
>>Lord Michael"?  :-) :-)

Well I finally found the song Landi asked about.  Now be sure to join in
Landi, after all we went over this one at Emerald as you mentioned.

(Also, thanks to my Lord Vuong Manh for posting the name of the talented
writter of the previously posted song Knitting Chainmail )

This song is taken from the Isenfir songbook, was written by Veleda of
Isenfir, and is based on a real incident (as I can personally attest) that
was enacted at one of the Isenfir games tourneys quite a few years ago.

Lament For Lord Michael
(to the tune of "My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean")

We die pretty often in Sca-land
We're glad it's not permanently,
For we have lost Michael of Hammond
Yes, lost him most tragickally.

Bring back, bring back, O bring back
        Lord Michael to me, to me
Have mercy, have mercy,
        Have mercy, O dear Mistress T!

I guess we'll never know why he did it,
I guess the event took its toll,
But the autocrat went pale and trembling
When she read what he'd writ on the scroll.


Michael knew that his fate was now near him
But his doom all to sudden it fell;
For the wrath of fair Tannis was on him,
And four of her squires as well.


Yes, they dragged off our noble Lord Marshall,
In spite of his struggles so brave,
Though some said it wasn't his honor
But his hide he was trying to save.


As the doors loudly swung shut behind them
A silence fell heavy and great
The great hall sat still, contemplating
Poor Michael's most hideous fate.


The autocrat shuffled her scrolls then,
Lamenting Lord Michael's demise,
Saying, "Call forth Lord Michael's widow,
For he's won the Calligraphy prize."


I guess that our song is now ended,
It's moral is simple to see.
If you value the flesh on your body,
Don't call "Mistress Tannis" "Mistress T"!

(For those who don't know or remember, this was during the time that the TV
show the A Team was very popular including, of course Mister T.)

Actually I think Mistress Tannis (who along with her lord knight are the
heads of the house hold I am in) and hopefully everyone else enjoyed this
very imprompteau(sp?) bit of "theater" that we ended up putting on.  Tannis
and the squires all did a great job improvising.  It turns out that I even got
off a good scream at the right time.
Its also great that she has a good sense of humor about such things.  I
certainly did not want her to really get upset about me putting that on the
prize scroll for the backgammon tourney (which she won).  I wonder if she
still has that scroll???..........

Michael of Hammond

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