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Atlantian: Background, please?

Greetings, all!

My good friend Will O'Bryan, who frequents your establishment (I'm not
schizo, but my persona is...) has informed me of the recent thread
concerning Caer Maer, the Atlantian Senescal, and a fellow named Fritz.

My wife used to live in Richmond, VA, and has had extensive dealings with
this fellow. I was quite relieved when I heard he had been banished, and
quite disturbed to learn that the Barony evidently had the right to
remove him denied to them.

My family is strongly considering re-joining the SCA, (pending the
desired verification that they have gotten over their silliness about
male personae for women, a fact not yet in evidence) and we are
concerned about the direction this matter is taking.

As I understand it, your Seneschal has taken heat from a non-elected
Board of Directors because he wouldn't write off Caer Maer because of
their decision to ban a crazy man from their events?????

Could someone please e-mail me PRIVATELY at lzmorgan@juno.com to give me
the background on this?  Our recent interaction with the SCA at Alairian
events has encouraged us to give it another chance as an organization,
but if it's being run by dictators, I'd like toknow...


Sir Lyon FilsHenri, K.P.R.
Kingdom of Alairia
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