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Re: List explosion

>      ... And, frankly, a lot of the clever repartee taking up 
>      band-width lately isn't quite as clever to those not taking 
>      part as it is to those participating. ...
>      Melisande

Her Grace is quite correct in pointing out a problem with the recent
"tavern brawl" thread. While the tavern atmosphere and banter is a very
good background for a USENET newsgroup it is certainly not appropriate 
for a mailing list for matters of Kingdom interest. I really do enjoy
messages we've been inundated with lately but they are not the kind of
thing that should be coming into my mailbox. 

I pay for this account (rmark@access.digex.net) as well as my AOL
account (rmark@aol) but I also have a work account and between the
three of these internet addresses I receive over 100 messages a day.
With the new threads being bandied about here at the Merry Rose it's
getting increasingly difficult to sort out the important stuff (like
questions about heraldry, in my case) from the just-for-fun stuff. 

Should we consider moving the Merry Rose to a newsgroup, Kendrick? 
Given the sudden surge in liveliness we seem to be right around the 
spin-off point. Another solution would be to create a second list;
leaving the current list as the Merry Rose Tavern and the new list
for important Kingdom announcements and news items. Creating a second
list also has the benefit of not causing some subscribers to be orphaned
because they can't get access to a news server.

            Practice safe government - use a kingdom.

                             R. Mark Jones
Post Office Box 19238                  Alexandria, Virginia 22320-0238
rmark@access.digex.net (Internet)                 Aodhan Doilfin (SCA)