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Unto all the good people who were so helpful...

 	This past weekend, I purchased a black pair of steel toed/soled
	high-top work boots made by Red Wing.  I should have them by Thursday.
	There's a place in Leesburg on Rt. 7 that carries Red Wing stuff, and
	they advertise sizes 6-16, widths AA-EEEE.  And they mean it.  I was
	able to *try on* a pair of the boots I ordered.  I would have bought
	that pair, but they were brown.  They had 5-6 pairs of boots in stock (size 14)
	for me to try -- that's a luxury.  The name of the place is Hessing Shoes.

	They cost $161.00 and lace up to fit like sneakers.  Recommend getting
	insoles.  I still want really nice mocassin boots, but I can bide my time

In gratitude, and in service to the large of foot in Atlantia,
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