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Re: List Explosion Suggestion

     I heartily endorse Will's suggestion...I thought I was the only one 
     that thought that subject lines were a little vague, even at the best 
     of times...

If I may offer a solution to the problem of the list explosion taking up 
losts of reading time for what bits are of interest:
Use the subject line effectively, so that we can skim the headers and 
choose what to read and what to delete.  Many times, we "reply" over and
over, and never change the topic even when we are far from the original subject.
 If we use the subject line effectively, we can give clues and people can read
only what interests them.
As a new subscriber, I enjoy the bits about flying crockery and singing, 
but I can understand the frustratin of someone just looking for 
directions to University.  If we use the subject line, and perhaps put 
"(Social)" in parentheses at the end if it is banter, we can make 
everyone happy.


Jonathan Blackbow

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