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{info}: Possible solution to: Become a newsgroup

Greetings to all the dear and good Rosettes who read this missive,
(Rosettes!  I just thought of that one! ;} )

I read some of the other kingdom news groups and some news groups of
general interest, my favorite examples are the Kingdom of Antir's and a
miniatures mailing list I read.  They are even busier than our
newsgroup.  They have also had to deal with this situation.  

Their solution, which to my mind has worked extremely well, is to add
tags to their subject lines.  If I may demonstrate by example:

For a funny / silly / not serious topic, you could begin your subject
line with the tag: 

{humor}: A funny thing happend to me on my way to the Merry Rose

For event info:
{event}:  Kingdom 12th night info

For generic information requests / replies:
{info}: On making period leather boots
{info}:Anyone know where to find sole bend leather?

This had two great advantages if we settle on a standard set of tags.

1) For those who have mail filters, you can set a filter to either bring
a message to your attention or send it to the trash depeinding upon a
word or words in the subject line.

2) For those without mail filters, you can see immediately whether or
not your wish to download a message depending on the subject tag.

I would like to hear peoples thoughts regarding this suggestion.

Yours in Service,

Lord Gawain Kilgore
Baronial Chronicler for the Barony of the Sacred Stone
kilgore@vnet.net / gregsta@microsoft.com

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