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Re: List explosion

Greetings Lord Kendrick -

First - Many thanks for your patience, and the patience of the other
instructors, as I attempted to learn the art of juggling at University on
Saturday. I believe that with practice I can reduce significantly the number of
times that I drop the ball. 

Second - The thought of a digestified version of the Merry Rose doesn't really
thrill me. I find digests to be troublesome. With the format we have now, I can
delete subjects that hold no interest for me, but with a digest, I MUST wade
through everything to get to the items that I want to read. I had to
discontinue the digestified version of the Rialto because I didn't have time to
do this. I found myself saving the digests until I had time to look at them but
I never did have that much time and ended up deleting them unread.

I think that our current overload can be reduced if we all make an extra effort
to practice net courtesy. If a topic, especially one that has turned silly, is
only attracting posts from the same two or three folks, perhaps it is no
longer of general interest and should be taken to private e-mail. Those who 
wish to continue a discussion that fits this description should announce their
intention of taking it to private e-mail. If the general populous doesn't want
to see the discussion end -- we can say so. If we each take care to be extra
courteous in this respect, we should see the number of daily messages fall
to a more manageable number.

Again - my thanks for the instruction that I received at the hands of your
juggling team. It has always been one of my dreams to learn to juggle and
I think that you have given me a good base to build on.