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Re: info:tablet brocading

So Sayeth Alyes

>Used book stores are good for that sort of thing.  Where are you 
>located?  We may be able to tell you about some close to you to try, if 
>we know where you are.
Just for general information on used book stores there are two that I can
reccommend offhand, 1)McKays used books in Centreville, I believe there is
one also in Manassas and 2) Royal Oak.  THe only problem with Royal Oak is
that they are in Front Royal, a bit of a drive from where I live.  There are
also some smaller ones around, Hole in the wall in Falls Church city.  One
other avenue you may wish to try is a booksearch company that, when you call
them up will try to find the book you are looking for.  I belive that the
number is 1-800-BOOKSEARCH, but I'm not sure, you can call your local Border
Books and they should have then number (since that where I got it in the
first place).  I have never used them, myself so I don't know what fees are
atttached to finding a book, but sometimes ya just gotta have a book.

Yours in service,

Gruffudd ap Cadfael ap Daffydd ap Rhys ap Infintum
MKA Carl Harris
 Remember:  Welsh Naming Practices Keep Going and Going.....

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