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Sorry to be late...

Talk about _late_!  Two weeks ago I installed another 4 megs of
memory on my machine and accidentally disconnected the hard drive -
- which meant tht it didn't work, but didn't give any indication
that something was wrong with it because nothing was.  Sigh.  Into
the computer hospital for observation and treatment (and
installation of another 8 megs, filling up the available slots --
no point risking this happening again, and memory costs are 'way
down now).

Good.  Back comes the machine just before we take off for a heavy
all-weekend seminar in upstate New York.  We get back at one-dark-
thirty Monday and crash and I rush in to the office to complete a
spreadsheet needed for a review first thing Tuesday, which I did,
ignoring the chest-and-shoulder cramps that began to bother me
after lunch.  But they got so annoying that I asked Tamar to run me
over to the Heart Center at Washington Adventist Hospital where I
found out that what I'd thought was the onset of a case of flu was
the onset of an attack of angina.  Thereupon they grabbed me and
sent me to the Chest Pain Center [Washington Adventist is a
specialized hospital that emphasizes treatment of cardiac cases]
and thence to the wards for observaation and treatment.  Turn
about's fair play, I guess.

Anyway, here it is four _more_ days later, I just got released, and
that's why I'm so late getting back about the correspondence on the
'Net.  (Those who are into history will be amused to hear that when
I got unhooked from the heart monitor and unplugged from the
intravenous drip pump that had been stuffing my veins with heparin
and with saline solution, Tamar ceremoniously slapped me on both
cheeks and then gave me the Kiss of Peace -- the ancient Roman
ceremony for liberating a slave.)

But at least I wasn't just ignoring your messages...

|---------Master Vuong Manh, C.P., Storvik, Atlantia---------|
|Now, let's stop and think: how would Bugs Bunny handle this?|

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